IntelliRENT IT Equipment Rental

IT Equipment rental that makes sense

Keep up-to-date with technology without the initial financial outlay with IntelliRENT IT equipment rental.

IntelliRENT provides a flexible equipment rental plan. Customers, domestic or business may choose to rent their equipment rather than purchase it outright. The option of rental has many advantages, including tax deductions, extended warranty and upgrading. Almost all IT equipment including servers, workstations, software etc can be rented via IntelliRENT!

For more information or to purchase equipment;

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Onsite Warranty, Delivery & Installation

All equipment is covered by an onsite warranty while under a rental agreement. If the equipments needs to be taken offsite for repairs longer than 24 hours – you will be provided with loan equipment. Delivery and installation is also included with all rental equipment!

Tax Deductions

If you are using your equipment for work related purposes, you can typically claim up to 100% of the rental repayments, even if the equipment is kept at home.

Keep Up-to-date & Trade Up/Upgrade

IntelliRENT customers are able to trade-up during the term of their rental allowing them to easily keep up with technology. Customers can also add-on or upgrade their equipment!